Our goal is to provide you a platform and an app in a box experience to get your video content in front of as many viewers with as little friction as possible.

Our official Odd Networks designed and developed will work directly with our platform, but if you wish to develop your own app we also offer open source SDKs for all of the major platforms for watch video.

Read Optimized API

At Odd we optimized our API based on read speed. We not only need to deliver content to web and mobile devices, but to TV-connected devices as well such as Apple TVs and Rokus. Serving those devices multiplies the number of requests our API needs to handle. By optimizing for read speed we can ensure that your viewers will get the content they want and when they want it. We put the "on-demand" in "video on-demand".

Collection and Distribute

There are many options for online video providers (OVP) to choose from. As of today Odd Networks officially supports:

Our platform integrates seamlessly with those OVPs to give you a centralized and, more importantly, normalized API to build and ship video apps. You can even use multiple sources at the same time. It makes no difference to us.

Monetize Content

Right now, Odd Networks supports advertising video on-demand (AVOD) and subscription video on-demand (SVOD) methods of monetization.

Ad-based monetization will let you connect your own Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) account for setting pre-roll video ads before your video content plays.

Subscription-based monetization allows you to require an email and password to log into your app to access content. Obtaining an email and password would require a pay you a monthly fee, like Netflix. Odd Networks offers a simple subscription and user management solution that integrates directly with your Stripe.com account.

Build Your Audience

We aim to give you the best product possible in order to exceed the expectations of your audience. By making features like cross-platform watch list and play progress as part of the core platform you can be sure your app will meet viewer expectations when they are used to world class apps like Netflix and Hulu. We are just providing these to you at a fraction of the cost.

You have the freedom to launch your channel on a single platform first to test the waters, however, once you've tasted success it is easy to launch on the rest of the platforms since our apps already work with the Odd Networks API.